PEN Management Development Consultants (PMDC) is an affiliate company of Poverty Eradication Network (PEN), an NGO registered in Kenyan since December 2001. At inception, Poverty Eradication Network aimed to be an NGO working closely with Civil Society Organizations in East Africa, Government Agencies, and the Corporate Sector to achieve its mission and goals. Building on its 11 years of experience working with civil society and expertise in facilitating organization development initiatives PEN established a consulting arm - PEN Management and Development Consultants Limited (PMDC) in 2012 to work with civil society, government agencies, and businesses to achieve the impact and sustainability needed to make social change a reality.

PMDC envisions a society and economy in which government works with civil society and the private sector to create positive social and environmental impact while generating economic value.

PMDC is a value-driven social enterprise, dedicated to advancing best practices and improving capacity in poverty reduction programs, policy, philanthropy and corporate social investment, through provision of consulting services to not for profit, private and public organisations.

PMDC Goals are provision of high quality consultancy which enables all actors to improve their interventions to help positively transform society, push for value driven actors across all sectors positively engaging and fostering collaboration for the transformation of society and provision of sustainable financial support to Poverty Eradication Network (PEN).

Approach to Consulting
PMDC consulting values are professionalism, honesty and transparency, open communication, fair compensation and value for money.

We achieve this through the implementation of several key principles:

Fact-driven deliverables
We allow facts, developed through external benchmarking and internal analysis, to drive solutions and conclusions over theories.

Tailored, holistic approach
Building upon existing client's knowledge and skills, we adapt and apply learning from benchmarking and analysis to consider strengths and constraints specific to the client’s operating model. This ensures ownership and control by client.

Optimizing every interaction with the customer across multiple channels

Realistic timelines
Working collaboratively with our client teams, we seek to strike the right balance between pushing boundaries and ensuring implementation success, focusing on big wins.

Comparative advantage
PMDC borrows heavily from PEN’s Civil Society links and history of working with civil society; we believe that the exposure and interaction with civil society places PMDC at an advantage in understanding issues affecting Not for Profit organisations at various stages of growth. We also ensure all consultants we recruit share in the organizations vision/mission and values.

Guiding Principles and Values of PMDC Consulting
1. Professionalism:
2. Honesty and transparency:
3. Open communication:
4. Fair compensation:
5. Value for money:


Quotes from Clients.

Dr. Martin Kollman, Vice Chair of International Coalition for Trachoma Control (ICTC)

"We needed a strategy that would define a global coalition, unite and focus a diverse group of stakeholders and deliver results. Against this challenging back drop Ian Vale and John Batten at PMDC succeeded in ensuring we developed a consensus on our goals, how we would work together to achieve them and commit the resources required for success."